Our story

Chelsea Headshot.jpg

Hi, I'm Chelsea: founder and creative director of Batch.

I started Batch because I want to see artisans and trend-forward businesses thrive together in a culture that values quality products crafted with intention. To do this, my team is bringing the creative and corporate communities together through handmade, custom branded gifts that tell a uniquely memorable story.

As an artisan myself, I have a unique perspective on both the rewards and challenges that come with scaling a small studio into a full-time, micro-manufacturing business. And, after two years of doing brand design for a promotional products distributor, I could clearly see the need for truly memorable products in a market awash with factory-made items that are soon forgotten.

So, I reached out to the artisans in my vibrant maker community and in 2018 we launched Batch with the very first collection of handmade promotional products!


Since launching, Batch has been featured in IndyStyle, Wish-TV, Indianapolis Monthly, awarded “Best of Indy”, and selected for the ASI Counselor Magazine’s “Hot List”.

At Batch, we believe that how an object is made reflects its value. The hands that crafted it, the tools, materials, and process behind it all become enriching elements that invite us into a moment of appreciation - this appreciation becomes a memento, a conversation, a shared experience between giver and receiver.