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Create campaign-ready unboxing experiences that your customers will be excited to have land on their desk.


Our team can take care of pairing your item with custom printed mailers that get shipped directly to your customers, and provide tracking numbers so you can focus on making seamless follow-ups.


Add your logo to one of our professionally designed templates or supply your own unique design. 


Add personal messages tailored to each of your recipients using our variable data integration!


Add your logo to one of our templates, or create your own:

Download our mailing list template for easy direct shipping:

What's Included:

Packaging starts out with a sturdy kraft mailer box (box size depends on item) and includes all of the following:


  1. Outer Label: 
    Option One: Supply us with a high-resolution logo and we’ll add it to one of our professionally designed templates.
    Option Two: Supply your original artwork for completely customized packaging.

  2. Inner Label:
    Personalize your packages with unique, variable-data messages tailored to your recipients in each box. Simply provide your list of recipient names and campaign message copy along with your logo. 

  3. Crinkle Packaging to keep your item safe.
    Ask for color options.

  4. An artisan info card.
    So your recipient can learn about the hands that crafted their awesome gift!



Contact for Quote



*Contact us for custom quotes on shipping or if you'd like to include additional print pieces in your boxes. 

Variable Data!

Personalizing your campaign message is easy with our variable data integration. 


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