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The Crafting of Batch

Ryan VanHoy uses clay sourced from Southern Indiana to create mugs for Batch

For 17 years, Print Resources has been proud to help Indianapolis businesses spread their message and enhance their brand through custom print and promotional items. Over the years, we have evolved our services and approach based on the needs of our customers - which has shifted considerably thanks to the swiftly moving digital revolution. As the print landscape continues to change, our focus will always remain on helping businesses reach their audience in new, creative ways.

We’ve been following the growing movement of craftsmanship in Indianapolis with wholehearted applause. Print Resources, like many great startups, began in a basement in the year 2000. As a small business, we celebrate the trending popularity of our favorite city’s makers and small-batch entrepreneurs.

Our enthusiasm for supporting our local community and commitment to helping our customers create conversations has led us to form a very exciting addition to our company: Batch!

Batch, the newest division of Print Resources, collaborates with the vibrant maker community in Indianapolis on a collection of handmade products that can be customized with unique branding and messaging for one-of-a-kind campaigns.

We are excited to help local artisans expand their operations through a partnership with Print Resources. Additionally, we look forward to helping our customers increase the impact of their campaign messaging through inventive, unique products with a purpose.

In addition to customized corporate branding, each Batch package includes an artist bio card that celebrates the hands that crafted the product. Opening a package from Batch becomes an experience of appreciation between giver and receiver. It is our hope that the Batch experience creates lasting connections for our customers and the Indianapolis maker community.

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