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Artisan Spotlight: Bohall Design & Fabrication

Loran Bohall of Bohall Design & Fabrication

Crafted specifically for Batch, all of the wooden products offered in our collection are handmade by Loran Bohall of Bohall Design and Fabrication. Loran’s workshop is located inside of the industrial Ruckus Makerspace in downtown Indianapolis. From this creative outpost each piece is individually chopped, drilled, sanded, engraved, and clear-coated in a thoughtful production process that passes through the hands of his team of young craftsmen and women who aspire to a livelihood of honest work through crafting well-made objects that keep the light of enduring quality burning in a world of mass production.

As a fourth-generation woodworker, Loran builds on a long line of craftsmanship light-bearers. He learned the fundamentals of furniture design and fabrication from his grandfather who worked in his garage making pieces for the family home. These pieces are now cherished family heirlooms and continue to inspire Loran’s work which can be found in residential and commercial properties throughout Indiana. Among the assemblage of small air plant holders, are ongoing large-scale furniture projects; A personalized wooden strongbox for a family’s newborn son, a contemporary wood and steel table set for 8th Day Distillery, and outdoor play tables for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, to name a few.

Small micromanufacturing businesses like Bohall Design & Fabrication perfectly align with the ever adapting needs of fast moving companies and their marketing departments.

Micromanufacturing is the production of goods in small quantities, or batches, often taking place in communal facilities – like the Ruckus Makerspace. Here, the blending of technology and handwork compliment one another. After expertly tooling each piece, a machine laser engraves variable data on the wood, resulting in a product that is as unique as the hands that will hold it. Bringing advanced printing techniques like laser engraving to heritage quality goods on a scale that makes sense is what Batch is all about.

As a small business owner, Loran recognizes that one of the many challenges to growing is making connections with potential customers. At Batch, our goal is to connect the maker community to companies that want to support those like Loran through their unique products. The concept of personalized promotional products didn’t enter Loran’s production floor until he was approached by Batch to design pieces for our flagship line. So far, his collection of wooden promo items have generated projects that help keep the team’s woodworking hands busy while other day-to-day projects are either in process or waiting to develop.

One of the first Batch projects to include Loran’s pieces was California-based tech company, Liveclicker. His air plant holders (made from locally sourced ash) were paired with a notebook and a box of locally-made truffles to create corporate holiday gift packages that were sent to the company’s list of clients throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

Photos by Copperhead Photography
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