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one year into the making

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

For one year Batch has been bringing local artisans and companies together to create unique stories. Not stories of fantasy, with surreal destinations and otherworldly creatures where sinister villains battle triumphant heroines—But stories of truth. Stories that narrate the authentic voice of Indianapolis’ growing art scene, flourishing startup hubs, and emerging cultural identity; Stories of an integrated community where the small and large are thriving together.

This collective connoisseurship asserts that quality matters and is embraced here in Indianapolis. In the first year of operating Batch, we’ve seen some pretty amazing stories that illustrate this truth. From features on IndyStyle and WTHR to raising over $50,000 for local artisan businesses, here are a few of our favorite stories:

Nestled in a row of small refurbished garages in South Broad Ripple you’ll find the cozy kitchen and restaurant hotspot—The Gallery Pastry Shop. There, a team of pastry chefs craft French-inspired brunch, desserts, and one of our most popular Batch offerings: custom macarons. For this process, the team was individually air-brushing logos onto the macaron shells by hand before filling them with their signature ganaches and buttercreams; A tasty, yet time-intensive task.

Gallery Pastry Shop co-owner, Ben Hardy, making macarons.

With the growing trend of decorated foods and food-grade inks advancing into the printing market, The Gallery owners, Ben Hardy and Alison Keefer, had their sights set on investing in a piece of equipment that would allow them to print directly onto their macaron shells; saving precious time for their small business.

“Owning a small business is really scary!” admits Alison, “but working with Batch has brought us some of our largest wholesale orders and increased awareness in both Indianapolis and nationally about the products we are capable of producing.”

With the help of increased orders through Batch for companies like Salesforce and Visit Indy, The Gallery was able to purchase the coveted macaron printer in August, 2018. They’ve been busy creating uniquely sweet stories for our customers ever since.


Travel across town, south of downtown Indianapolis’ Wholesale District, and you’ll arrive at a beautifully preserved historic building from the late 1800s known presently as The Union. Originally founded as an industrial training school, The Union is now a vibrant venue for Indy tech startups like Springbuk, an award-winning data intelligence engine for savvy healthcare programs.

Their marketing team came to Batch for a creative way to engage with prospective health insurance companies around the country through a targeted open enrollment season campaign.

To standout to prospects, Springbuk created a high-touch, stress-reducing gift concept using Batch’s custom cocktail kit. The kit included an engraved wooden box containing locally crafted Wilks & Wilson bitters, an etched tumbler, a bag of sugar cubes, and a recipe card to craft the perfect nightcap after a long day during open enrollment season.

Springbuk cocktail kit with local Walks & Wilson bitters.

Not long after the cocktail kits went out across the country, their sales team started receiving positive feedback. “We were able to open doors with prospects who had ignored us repeatedly,” explains Tim Hickle, Springbuk’s director of inbound marketing, “One prospect in particular finally took our call after ignoring us for over a month. His first words to us were ‘I loved the cocktail kit’ and he met with our team the next day.”


Stories like these highlight how the growing exposure of Indy artisans has allowed for new business opportunities – bringing our community closer together. Coupling the creative skills of artisans with clever campaigns, creating memorable experiences, and building strong relationships is why Batch was created. Here’s to a great first year in the books.

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