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The Touch of Enduring Quality

Mug by VanHoy Pottery using clay sourced from Southern Indiana.

It’s Monday morning. You’ve arrived at the office and have likely made your way to the coffee maker. One of the first indicators that your day is off to a positive start is when you find “your mug” still in the cabinet, unclaimed and waiting for you to fill it. This simple pleasure of reaching for your favorite office mug is the ethos of all effective branding and why objects are so important to us.

Small, everyday objects become extensions of our identity and carry a value defined not only by how we use them, but by how we feel about using them. These feelings, often subtle and unspoken, form a filament of who we are and leave traces for others to form into an understanding of us.

In today’s branding landscape, innovative marketers understand that how a company makes their customers feel often lingers longer than the company’s products or services alone. The most successful brands invest in making their customers feel their best; shifting away from being a generic commodity and into a uniquely personal connection that creates a relatable story. More and more these brands are turning to the power of touch to shape these connections in a memorable way.

In a study from Harvard University, psychologists examined how touch creates connections, writing in the journal Science that, “physical touch — the first of our senses to develop — may continue to operate throughout life like a scaffold upon which people build their social judgments and decisions.” And what we touch goes a long way as well. Materiality communicates subconscious cues that further shape our thoughts and feelings, giving savvy brands the opportunity to shine brightly in otherwise forgettable moments. In a 2015 Engleman Lab study, researchers found that subjects presented with brochures about brands on heavy, high-quality, paper were more memorable and desirable than brands that were presented on light, low-quality, paper by a factor of 3:1. Put another way, quality endures.

At Batch, our focus is on helping you create the kind of enduring quality that builds your brand and your local community of makers. Each item in our collection is crafted by artisans who have dedicated themselves to creating products from high-quality materials that will make your brand feel as good as that first sip of coffee from your favorite mug.

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