Turn your leftover banner materials into Eco-friendly promotional products!  

Batch is proud to continue pushing the boundary of offering locally handmade promotional products by partnering with People for Urban Progress (PUP) to bring you a new level of swag:


Promo products custom made using your company’s leftover banner materials.


Did your company host a grand event with hanging banners galore? Give your attendees a one of a kind gift that is both sustainably and locally crafted just for them from materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.


In this process you’ll work directly with the designers and makers of PUP to determine what kinds of products and how many can be made from the materials you provide. It is an exciting opportunity to create a thoughtful way to promote your company while impacting big and small ecologies.  


While your products are being made, Batch will work with you to create equally impressive custom print and packaging items to pair with your products so that they reach your giftee in the most memorable way.


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